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Conference Programme                                                            
Tuesday 4th June 2019O'Mahony HallBlue RoomThe TheatreThe SpaceDCU Business School 1DCU Business School 2DCU Business School 3DCU Business School 4THE GALLERYTHE STUDIOTHE GREEN ROOMTHE BOARDROOM
08:00 - 17:30Registration Opens
09:30-09:30(TU1) Opening CeremonyMedia RoomSpeaker Ready RoomClient/CPI Office
09:30-10:15(TU2) Keynote
SamivaliPres. Title
HymelPres. Title
10:15-10:45Coffee Break & Posters
10:45-12:25(TU3) Symposia(TU4) Oral Parallel(TU5) Oral Parallel(TU6) Flash Presentations(TU7) Oral Parallel(TU8) Oral Parallel(TU9) Oral Parallel(TU10) SymposiaPosters
Lucy BowesBullying and poor mental health: mechanisms, intervention and prevention26Accepted as SymposiaEarly RegistrationNot ConfirmedNo DisplayDziuginta BaraldsnesAn association among teachers’ perceptions on the Olweus Program and their efforts to prevent bullying4Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayPeter DankmeijerLGBT antibullying policies in European countries10Accepted as oralEarly RegistrationNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMahendranath BusgopaulEmpowering youths in Africa to combat cyber bullying through a web based counselling service185Accepted as Flash PresentationNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayYaacov YablonBullying and Students' Sense of Safety in School18Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayCara SwitAggression and Bullying in Early Childhood: Do Educators and Parents Differentiate between these Behaviours?29Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayIngrid LundDialogue-meetings as a preventive method against bullying in kindergartens.31Accepted as oralAccompanying PersonNot ConfirmedNo DisplayLucie CorcoranCyber Aggression and Cyberbullying: Widening the Net147Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Bircan Ergun-BasakAdolescents’ cyberbullying experiences in Turkey according to gender and Olweus bullying statuses8Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayOluwabunmi BakareExploring librarians as pastoral carer against mobile bullying (MB) in South African high schools17Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJody WittSafe Communities Safe Schools: Using Practical Tools when Implementing a Comprehensive Approach to School Safety188Accepted as Flash PresentationNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayAdeem MassarwiCyberbullying among Arab Youth: The Direct and Interactive Role of Individual, Family, and Neighborhood Characteris35Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayNafsika AntoniadouTraditional and Cyber-Bullying/Victimization among Adolescents: Examining their Psychosocial Profile through Latent Profile Analysis36Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayPeter Macaulay“It’s about educating, not pointing the finger”: Teachers’ perceptions and management strategies towards cyberbullying60Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Anne Marie KavanaghA case study analysis of the (mis)recognition of racism in three Irish primary schools41Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayFritz IlongoPractical applications of Giddens’ Structuration Theory for understanding workplace bullying in institutions of higher learning48Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayPumzile YikaAn Anti-Bullying Project in Schools in South Africa: A Case Study203Accepted as Flash PresentationNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySanna HerkamaTeacher in the heart of implementing KiVa anti-bullying program: “We need to do this together”56Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayLiselotte Eek-karlssonEquality work – a reproduction of prevailing power orders?57Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayDavide ZottiIndividual and contextual factors predicting school staff responses to homophobic bullying83Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Ingunn EriksenBlind spots in schools’ anti-bullying strategies: Lessons from Norway197Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayKatri SalmiRehabilitating bullied youngsters in outpatient psychiatric care123Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayVanda Sigurgeirsdóttir“We want practical tools that work”A bullying preventive method for teachers259Accepted as Flash PresentationNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJulia TorresThe Meaningful Roles anti-bullying intervention – A pilot study in the Netherlands200Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMarina CamodecaAcademic achievement and bullying. The moderating role of socio-emotional functioning205Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayLucy BettsPeruvian elementary teachers’ evaluation of bullying behaviours: Perceptions of severity, empathy and intent to intervene211Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Kayleigh ChesterAdolescent perceptions of relational bullying and associated protective factors: A mixed methods study37Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayHezron OnditiCyberbullying and Online risks among Tanzanian Secondary School adolescents70Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayChase MastersonSuperheroes in Real Life! Prosocial Bullying Prevention Using Stories and Characters that Kids Find Relatable294Accepted as Flash PresentationNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayDanelien van AalstTeachers’ Knowledge, Attitudes, Interventions facing Bullying, and the Effect on Bullying Prevalence: A Systematic Review141Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayFanny Carina OssaEvaluation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in Germany213Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayLars DietrichExplaining Bullying Climates in Classrooms: The Role of Student Body Composition, Relationships, and Instructional Quality128Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Andreas EidemNorwegian chat operated by trained professionals makes it possible for youths to talk about bullying286Accepted as Flash PresentationNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Ülo VihmaBullying prevention by peer students295Accepted as Flash PresentationNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Suzanne Mulcahy, M.S. Educational PsychologyCatch Bullying Behavior Before it Begins299Accepted as Flash PresentationNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Hanne JahnsenDifferent perspectives on bullying; pupil, parent, teacher and head teacher340Accepted as Flash PresentationNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Raluca Mo?inoiBuilding Consents from Mediation în Violence: bridging three keywords and hoping for reasonable outcomes.271Accepted as Flash PresentationNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
12:25-13:25Coffee Break & Posters
13:25-14:10(TU11) Keynote
KumashiroPres. Title
YoneyamaPres. Title
14:10:14:30Coffee Break & Posters
14:30-16:10(TU12) Symposia(TU13) Oral Parallel(TU14) Oral Parallel(TU15) Workshops(TU16) Oral Parallel(TU17) Oral Parallel(TU18) Oral Parallel(TU19) Symposia
Paul HortonReimagining school bullying: Discussing the analytical implications of socio-cultural understandings of school bullying63Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayDaria Khanolainen“Teachers See Nothing”: Exploring Students’ and Teachers’ Perspectives on School Bullying with a New Methodology39Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayRachel LiscombeA Special KiVa school; investigating the implementation of KiVa antibullying programme in a special school40Accepted as posterNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayWill McCoyNo Bully: An Evidence-Based Solution to Bullying Prevention19Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMalgorzata WójcikThe Parallel Culture of Bullying in Secondary Schools42Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayPaul HortonSchool canteens, student safety and school bullying43Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayRobert WhiteSchool Bullying Prevention; Ecological approach to school-based prevention44Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayCaroline HuntThe development of a self-report questionnaire to assess bullying behaviours in early adolescence: Preliminary findings.122Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Oonagh Steer“I feel like everyone does it”- The connection between humour, banter and Cyberbullying 86Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayPaula FerreiraCom@Viver: Promoting bystander pro-sociality in cyberbullying87Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayPatricia AgatstonSocial Media Use and Cyberbullying from the Youth Perspective: Implications for Prevention and Response22Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySzymon WójcikHow to reduce cyberbullying at schools? Develpoment and evaluation of new electronic aggression prevention programme95Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayCindy CorlissCyberbullying, a new challenge for educators? Exploring educator knowledge and understanding of this phenomenon.104Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySara PabianThe long-term impact of adolescent cyberbullying victimization: Consequences for mental health and well-being during adulthood109Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Patricia HawleyThe invisible hand: A workshop that increases teachers’ perceptions and self-efficacy for managing bullying190Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayEleonora MarucciTeacher attunement and cognitive biases in teachers’ perception of bullying, victimization and prosociality204Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJeroen PronkCreating safer classrooms by enhancing teachers’ intervention competence with Bullying Role Inventory and Lesson Study333Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayKatarina AlexiusThe exposed child and strategies against peer abuse in cases at the Swedish Schools Inspectorate49Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySanne KellijSocial perceptions, responses and skills of chronic bullying victims155Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Stephen James MintonExperiences of school bullying amongst Sámi people in Norway214Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayGrace O' SheaEmpathy Within And Beyond School Gates; A Systematic Review of What Works In Empathy Education215Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayKarin HellfeldtPass or Fail? How bullying, truancy and social relations within school setting influence academic achievement221Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayClaire GarandeauClassroom Size and the Prevalence of Bullying: Testing Three Explanations for the Negative Association222Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMarta Escoda TrobatReduction of bullying in the Balearic Islands 2010-2018. Impact of the bullying plan.223Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Sawyer HogenkampBullying on the school bus: Driven by whole school community approaches45Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayOLUWABUNMI BAKAREMobile bullying (MB) on social media platforms (SMPS) among teenagers in Sub-Saharan Africa129Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayLaura Elvira PrinoEffects of bullying victimization on internalizing and externalizing symptoms: the mediating role of alexithymia.208Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayAlice MaloneUsing Implementation Science to introduce an evidenced based Anti-Bullying Programme to Primary Schools in Ireland226Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayRachel MaunderBeing friends with a bully: Friendship, aggression and the peer group132Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
16:10-16:30Coffee Break & Posters
16:30-17:30(TU20) Symposia(TU21) Workshop(TU22) Workshop(TU23) Workshop(TU24) Workshop(TU25) Workshop(TU26) Workshop(TU27) Workshop
Amanda NickersonInternational Perspectives on Defending and Bystander Behavior103Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayFrank DiLalloCommunicating with Parents after an Incident of Bullying: A Key Element of Positive School Climate33Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayHelen KennedyAre Schools Safe for LGBTI Students and Educators?53Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayKit Stender PetersenBullying as a group-phenomenon–When and how to intervene in an analytical and methodological approach?76Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMargaret Rose Mc Grenra GoodmanCultivating a Culture of Kindness: Children Growing and Learning to be Persons of Character91Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayVirpi PöyhönenKiVa antibullying program92Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJenny MischelPayton’s Peers: Peer-Counseling Group to Address Bullying Victimization102Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayEllen KyesConflict Resolution Skills for Youth and Adults-Incorporation of Traditional Teaching and Restorative Justice105Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
18:30-20:00Welcome Reception - City Hall
Wednesday 5th June 2019O'Mahony HallBlue RoomThe TheatreThe SpaceDCU Business School 1DCU Business School 2DCU Business School 3DCU Business School 4THE GALLERYTHE STUDIOTHE GREEN ROOMTHE BOARDROOM
08:00 - 17:30Registration Opens
08:30-09:30(W1) Workshop(W2) Workshop(W3) Workshop(W4) Workshop(W5) Workshop(W6) Workshop(W7) Workshop
Nicholas CarlisleEnding online bullying before it begins117Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayBarbara ColorosoThe bully, the bullied and the not-so-innocent bystander: breaking the cycle of violence120Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayBenjamim HortaThe challenges and successes of bullying prevention work in Brazil144Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJulie McDaniel-MuldoonUsing the Lens of Trauma to Understand the Effects of Bullying145Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayCatherine PaparelliLGBTQ+Inclusive Schools165Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJo-Anne ColwellExperiential exploration of the Bystander Behavior Program: Role Theory and more176Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJan UrbanskiFostering Emotionally Intelligent Bullying Prevention through Youth Engagement186Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
09:30-10:15(W8) Keynote
SondergaardPres. Title
KyobePres. Title
10:15-10:45Coffee Break & Posters
10:45-12:25(W9) Symposia(W10) Oral Parallel(W11) Oral Parallel(W12) Symposia(W13) Oral Parallel(W14) Oral Parallel(W15) Oral Parallel(W16) SymposiaPosters
Elisabeth SchreudersCurrent Perspectives on the Biological Implications of Peer Victimization118Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayCarolina LisboaEngagement, Bullying, and School Climate: Does Being Retained One or More Times Make a Difference?46Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayPaula LarssonLocally adapted bullying intervention in a Swedish municipality47Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayElizabeth EnglanderSexting: Healthy or Harmful? Comparative Analyses of Teens in Colorado, Massachusetts, Norway, and Serbia253Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayGöran EnglundThe relationship between physical, verbal, relational and cyberbullying50Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayAngela MazzoneRejection sensitivity: Children's experiences of bullying, victimization and feelings of shame and guilt55Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayStine Kaplan JørgensenHow positive thinking can reinforce bullying64Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJeffrey CollinsTech Collaboration and Content Moderation to Prevent Cyberbullying279Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Daniel GrafSensation Seeking promotes traditional and cyberbullying differentially149Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySofia FranciscoMoral Disengagement: A framework for understanding Cyberbullying processes154Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayYeoju ChungDevelopment of Adolescents Cyberbullying Victimization Model202Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayAlexandra AlipanInvestigating the Relationship Between Cyberbullying, Maladaptive Schemas, Coping, and Psychological Distress in Emerging Adults207Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayRebecca DennehyYoung people’s perceptions of the nature of cyberbullying: A meta-ethnography231Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Wenxin ZhangHealthy Context Paradox in the Association Between Peer Victimization and Depression and Two Explanations236Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayYlva BjereldAdults’ responses to bullying – what is helpful for the victimized youth?282Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayGregory RocheleauCompounding Strains: Severity of Food Allergy Condition and the Harms of Bullying Victimization345Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayDale StackParenting and parental aggression as mediators of intergenerational links between childhood aggression and offspring's bullying168Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayCaitlin Elsaesser"Small Things Get Big So Fast": Youth Descriptions of How Online Conflict Leads to Violence218Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Jiayi ChenDefending victims of bullying and social status among adolescence: The role of clique defending norm235Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayHalah NouranTeachers’ Perspectives of Bullying in Elementary Schools in Saudi Arabia238Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJuuso RepoEmotional school engagement, participation, and bullying among adolescents239Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayXiaozhe MengSocial status, academic achievement, and aggressive behaviour: Exploring cross-lagged relations in Chinese adolescents240Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayXiying WangThe transformation of peer educators:An Action Research of School Bullying Prevention in Beijing245Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Helena MurphyCase Study of Teacher Empathy, School Culture and Bullying, in a DEIS Boys’ Primary School67Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayCaroline Zizipho NdyaveMobile Bully-victim Behaviour on Facebook: The South African Context232Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayFunmi BammekeDomestic Violence and Bullying among Secondary School Students in Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria251Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJulia BadgerParanoia, psychosis and bullying: A virtual reality experiment250Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayBrian HeilmanMasculine Norms and the Bullying Crisis Among Young Men in the United States274Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
12:25-13:25Coffee Break & Posters
13:25-14:10(W17) Keynote
VeenstraPres. Title
RomeroPres. Title
14:10:14:30Coffee Break & Posters
14:30-16:10(W18) Symposia(W19) Oral Parallel(W20) Oral Parallel(W21) Workshops(W22) Oral Parallel(W23) Oral Parallel(W24) Oral Parallel(W25) Symposia
Barbara SpearsInsights from innovative approaches to bullying prevention and intervention131Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayZeynep Nur BesniliThe validity and the reliability of the pre-school peer bullying scale teacher-form69Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayCathal DuffyA multi-systemic approach to bullying in Irish primary school communities71Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMichael SteeleI’m not a bully…Leadership & Labels206Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayEda Ermagan CaglarThe Relationship Between Bullying, Cognitive Judgements and Family History73Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayAnn-christin CederborgYoung children’s play: A matter of advanced strategies among peers75Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySeline KeatingNuts and Bolts: An Anti-Bullying Policy Audit Tool78Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayDonna CrossEvidence to action: Highlights and insights from 20 years of Friendly Schools research308Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Tina DanielsMoral Disengagement, Self-efficacy, Empathy, Previous Bullying Experience and Cyber-Bystander Behaviour233Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayKim SylwanderRacialized girls’ responses to misogynous and racist aggression on a public social networking site244Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayTeresa ButlerNothing about me without me: Building bridges in bullying research, practice, and lived experience.217Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayRebecca DennehyCommunication is the root issue: Informing the development of an intervention to address cyberbullying260Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySebastian WachsAssociations between cyberbullying and cyberhate perpetration: The moderating effect of toxic online disinhibition261Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayNikolett AratóThe role of socio-emotional competencies in cyberbullying perpetration and cybervictimization264Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Caleb KimEthnic-cultural Risk and Protective Factors for Violence among Asian, Hispanic and African American Youth353Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayTiina TurunenEffectiveness of KiVa Antibullying Intervention among Students with Reading Difficulties139Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJohn HylandA three-year examination of victimisation and wellbeing correlates among children from low affluent areas142Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayPeter Edward GillTrends in gender differences in the prevalence of bullying in a Swedish municipality146Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySarah GardnerThe Role of Friendship for Coping with School Bullying: A longitudinal social network approach.148Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Agnes NsubugaSchool Bullying: The Impact of School Violence and bullying on education at school level263Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayEvi VerdonckAnti-bullying policy in university colleges: Filling the gap? Experiences and needs of students and staff.268Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySelma Therese LyngWhat started it? Exploring interplays between individual and social group factors in bullying275Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayCatherine StapletonIt Hurts like Bullying but is it really Bullying?280Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayGiota LamprianouNational Scale Mixed Methods Research Informing Cyprus Strategic Planning on Addressing School Violence and Bullying281Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Frode RestadBridging subject curriculum and bullying prevention in schools – a literature review82Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySimona C. S. CaravitaWhen Adolescents and Adults Disagree: Adolescents’ Awareness of Cyberbullying and Parents and Teachers’ Opinions265Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayNatasha PearceBuilding school capacity for the prevention of school bullying in Australia: A translational study151Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayKavneet PannuBullying of Sikh-American School Children309Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMiriam DamrowTeachers’ knowledge – information needs on sexually bullying and bullied students316Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
16:10-16:30Coffee Break & Posters
16:30-17:30(W26) Symposia(W27) Workshop(W28) Workshop(W29) Workshop(W30) Workshop(W31) Workshop(W32) Workshop(W33) Workshop
Irene K. HongInternational Perspectives on Parent Roles and Peer Victimization156Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayTamás PongóHow to define cyberbullying from a legal perspective?224Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMildred PearsonWhen Bullies Speak: Teaching with Empathy and the Pedagogical Art of Care228Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayW. Y. Alice Chan“Belonging” and UNESCO-MGIEP’s #YouthWagingPeace – Youth led guide on prevention of violent extremism through education237Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayLori WoodleyShifting School Culture: The Impact of Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills Through Experiential Learning252Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayCari ZawodnyYouth Solution Makers: Empowering Generation Z and Building Resilience to End Bullying273Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayStephanie RichardsUsing Exemplary Texts to Create Reader's Theatre Scripts to Combat Bullying277Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayRaluca Mo?inoiBuilding Consents from Mediation în Violence: bridging three keywords and hoping for reasonable outcomes.271Accepted as Flash PresentationNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
18:30-20:00Gala Dinner - Clontarf Castle
Thursday 6th June 2019O'Mahony HallBlue RoomThe TheatreThe SpaceDCU Business School 1DCU Business School 2DCU Business School 3DCU Business School 4
08:00 - 17:30Registration Opens
08:30-09:30(TH1) Workshop(TH2) Workshop(TH3) Workshop(TH4) Workshop(TH5) Workshop(TH6) Workshop(TH7) Workshop
Miriam MillerSocial and Emotional Skills Promotion: An Approach to Bullying Prevention289Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayErin ErcegCreating a Friendly School - How the School Environment can ‘Inflame’ Or ‘Extinguish’ Bullying Behaviour305Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJared RawlingsWhat Researchers and Practitioners Need to Know About Bullying in School-based Music Ensembles312Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySarah SchriberThe Power of Youth Voice: Student Focus Groups as a Tool to Reduce School Bullying313Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayAmelie AskmanEmpathy and Compassion: Characteristics a robot will never be able to replace324Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayKatarina Linnarsson UtneFriend’s whole community approach, how can we develop school and community specific interventions in Sweden?330Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayHelena MeyerPreventing cyber bullying by empowering children and adolescents in a safe environment online.332Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
09:30-10:15(TH8) Keynote
SwearerPres. Title
BergerPres. Title
10:15-10:45Coffee Break & Posters
10:45-12:25(TH9) Symposia(TH10) Oral Parallel(TH11) Oral Parallel(TH12) Symposia(TH13) Oral Parallel(TH14) Oral Parallel(TH15) Oral Parallel(TH16) SymposiaPosters
Jina YoonTeachers’ responses to bullying incidents: (How) can they make a difference?209Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayFrederikke KnageThe Production of Persistent School Absence through Bullying Dynamics84Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMarieke (J.M.) BuilLongitudinal Trajectories of Elementary School Bullying-Victimization and Associations with DNA Methylation Changes and Adolescent Psychopathology94Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayChloé TolmatcheffMoral disengagement and bullying: New perspectives for prevention and research256Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayTessa M L KaufmanThe Assessment of the Key Characteristics of the Definition of Bullying with Victim’s Self-reports97Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayAlessandra VivianiBullying at school: where are we with children’s human rights protection?99Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJuan CalmaestraThe Project "Bullying Prevention of Barça Foundation”: effectiveness and evaluation100Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMairéad FoodyThe psychological impact of sibling bullying314Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Sadia MusharrafRole General Self-efficacy and ICT Self-Efficacy in different roles of cyberbullying in Pakistani university students288Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJuyoung SongCyberbullying and Machine Learning by Using Social Big Data319Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayAloysius UzodimmaSexting and Cyber-bullying among internet users: finding lasting solutions318Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayRaquel AntónioToo old to intervene? Effects of Intergroup Contact on Bystanders’ Behaviors in Homophobic Bullying Episodes13Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayBjörn SjögrenLongitudinal associations between defender self-efficacy, defending, and passive bystanding in peer victimization77Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Laura KennedySchool Bullying, Morality and Self-Control: A Situational Action Theory Analysis152Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayGijs HuitsingThe Healthy Context Paradox: Victims’ Adjustment During an Anti-Bullying Intervention153Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJoakim StrindbergThe fear of being singled out - pupils’ reflections on school bullying and victimisation164Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJacob U'Mofe GordonBullying: Historical and Cultural Perspectives169Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayR. Bradley SnyderAdverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Bullying172Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Mary CallaghanBullying and bystander behaviour and health outcomes among adolescents in Ireland322Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMarieke (J.M.) BuilClassroom-Norms of Schoolchildren’s Bullying-Related Behaviors Predict Increased Individual-Level Defending: Results of a Classroom-Based Intervention336Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJanne StøenParents’ involvement in bullying cases – the role of minority background337Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayNina GriniDeep learning of bullying when learning through arts342Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayBarbara SpearsThe Australian Student Wellbeing Framework: Australia’s Education Response to Dealing with Bullying and Wellbeing:356Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Peter SmithHow does Individualism-Collectivism relate to prevalence of Bullying Victimization?101Accepted as oralSpeaker RegistrationNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJo-Anne ColwellThe Bystander Behavior Program: An experiential bullying program170Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayElizabeth NassemRepositioning Pupils as Active Agents who Combat Bullying16Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayHeléne DahlqvistPoly-victimization of Bullying, Sexual Harassment and Violence in Youth - A Latent Class Analysis54Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMairead FoodyInvestigating the impact of the sharing of sexual images among teenagers327Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
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Helle Rabøl HansenWhen classroom- and online-culture tips into bullying - Local culture as a context of bullying212Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayHannah GaffneyExamining the effectiveness of school-bullying intervention programs globally: A meta-analysis110Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJorge VarelaExploring The Influence Of School Bonding, Bullying Behavior On Student Engagement For Chilean Adolescents114Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayLisen BergquistBridging the Research-Practice Gap: Innovative Ways to Develop the World Anti-Bullying Forum335Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayAndrew WickingWhat 300,000 Australian school students tell us about relationships and bullying.121Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayNathalie NoretThe role of cognitive appraisals in the relationship between peer-victimisation and adjustment: A longitudinal study.130Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySabine StoltzTo Disclose or Not? Talking about being Victimized in Elementary School133Accepted as oralEarly RegistrationNot ConfirmedNo DisplayAnnalaura NocentiniA multi-disciplinary approach to the prevention of cyberbullying and online risk behaviours328Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Maria Lopez RomeroThe role of gender and culture in the perceptions of Mexican bullying bystanders255Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMary KentExamining post-primary student bystanders’ explanations for their decisions regarding reporting bullying to school staff.262Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMarie AhlénAnti-Bullying Work in a Blended Learning Concept: Using Digitalization for a more School-specific Approach339Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayFernando Dominguez-HernandezFacilitators and barriers to bystander’s mobilization in cyberbullying287Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayKatherine IngramLongitudinal associations between toxic masculinity and bystander willingness to intervene among middle school boys291Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJan S. PfetschBystander reactions to cyberbullying – latent profiles of helping bystanders351Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Ana Bravo CastilloSocial Status characteristics of roles of bullying.174Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayPauline HylandCross-national comparison of victimisation and wellbeing correlates among children from low affluent areas183Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplaySamuel KimPeer Victimization and Adolescent Functioning at School: The Importance of School Belonging and School Climate189Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMonica RanaEffectiveness of multicomponent school-based prevention program to reduce bullying among adolescents in Chandigarh, India.194Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayYasuyo NishinoDoes the bully/victim ratio comparison help us clarify the seriousness of bullying in a class?195Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Ioanna VoulgaridouPrevalence of relational aggression: Findings from a Greek adolescent students' survey59Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayCharlotte SilkeThe Advantages and Disadvantages of Empathy: A Qualitative Exploration into Young People’s Perspectives65Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayClaire FoxAn evaluation of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Programme in the West Midlands, UK79Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMarlene BjärehedA longitudinal study of growth of verbal bullying across late childhood: Associations with moral disengagement93Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayRozemarijn Van Der PloegAdverse Consequences of Bullying Perpetration: A Systematic Review107Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display
Camilla ForsbergStudents’ perspectives on how schools can work to improve students’ sense of school safety135Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayAnja Schultze-KrumbholzPredictors of Bystander Behaviour in School Bullying: The Role of Cultural Diversity, Empathy and Norms 355Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayIngunn EriksenBlind spots in schools’ anti-bullying strategies: Lessons from Norway197Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayFranca AttohSocial predictors of sexual harassment in a university: insights from Nigeria116Accepted as oralNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display#N/A#N/ATBC#N/A#N/ANot Confirmed#N/A
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Kyrre BreivikThe Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP): New research findings and adaptions229Accepted as SymposiaEarly RegistrationNot ConfirmedNo DisplayMoninne GriffithLGBTI+ Safe and Supportive Schools and Services Project: An Introductory Workshop on how to use the SASS Toolkit to combat bullying, exclusion and isolation of LGBTI+ young people in schools and services 354Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayÅsa BöhmeMusic against Bullying – Increasing Awareness and Improving Conditions for Children with Neuropsychiatric disorders341Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayBrian SneedThe Lonely Clown357Accepted as WorkshopNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayJanne StøenThe Learning Environment Project in Norwegian in schools and ECEC347Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo DisplayRafael Miranda AyalaPrevention strategies for bullying, perspectives from Peru, Chile and the United States.352Accepted as SymposiaNot RegisteredNot ConfirmedNo Display#N/A#N/A167/173/27#N/A#N/ANot Confirmed#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/A#N/ANot Confirmed#N/A
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