In the global environment within which our Members operate, travel plays an important role as people gather for congresses and events. Although the risk to the general public is low in relation to the recent Coronavirus spread, the AIPCO Board and Council trust that our members and partners continue to take advice from their respective healthcare and government authorities when travelling and delivering projects for the clients.
WHO Website – Coronavirus

Strategic Consultancy for Associations

Where the science of strategic thinking meets the art of creative thinking.

Is it time to write the next chapter of your book? A chapter where there is an exciting path for growth and development. 

We will help you to turn that page into a new and creative way of running your association.

Here are the 5 simple steps we help you take:


A Clear and Quantifiable Vision

We will immerse ourselves in the culture of your organisation to help your team and board work together to develop your long term strategic goals. Systems will be put in place to ensure that quarterly checks and priorities are met in an adaptable and flexible manner.


Strong Foundations Have Been Built

Now it’s time to build some more to bring your association to new heights. Gain new perspectives on how to develop new markets, new members, new sponsors and new relationships with key stakeholders.


Create a Sense of Belonging

An engaged and energetic membership leads to a powerful sense of belonging and a loyalty to a community of friends and colleagues that is rarely broken. Our marketing efforts will help you be more than the organisation to whom they send their membership fees. You will be the community they rely on every day.


Be The Must Attend Event

Do you know what your attendees really think about your meeting? Armed with the right insights, we will set a strategy in place to ensure relevancy, engagement, authenticity and inspired attendees with deeper relationships. This in turn will create a pathway to new audiences and set your brand apart from your competition.


Unearth the Innovative Spirit of Your Team Members

Once the organisational strategy is set, we will support you in putting your people strategy in place.  Communicating your strategy will inspire your top performers to chase even bigger ambitions. Our ultimate aim is to ensure your team members continue to feel committed to delivering outstanding results.

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